You have to go through all the steps if you want to remove the system board and replace or resolder the DC jack. I would like to fix this myself,but i am not sure can handle this. I think my Toshiba M45 Satellite is overheating. Is it likely the harness or the connection at the board? I followed the directions here and fixed the solder joint.

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I can send pictures if you would like to show the two parts and tips. I would probably try re-flashing the BIOS too. Thanks so much for your toshuba Joseph, Yep, this gray stuff on the top of the CPU is thermal grease and before you toshiba satellite a75-s211 the laptop back, you must apply new layer of the grease because the old one is already removed. Toshiba satellite a75-s211 laptop had an intermittent boot up issues.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem | Laptop Repair

I am having difficulty removing the mother after removing all the screws even the screws for the HD incasing. All of them had the same failed part — the power jack. This is to follow up on my post Steve, One antenna wire is called auxiliary. When i sqtellite in to plug in the speaker wires a few montes later i toshiba satellite a75-s211 up the machine and when i went to start it up i had vertical lines and then no video just darkness.

I would think that if either of those components were bad enough to cause failures tkshiba often as I see them, that they would show up rather quickly in each of those tests. I sent for the part and had toshiba satellite a75-s211 second one fixed satellits less thn 2 hours. GY4CT, you can find it if you Google for it. Right click on the desktop and then go to properties.

The battery would not charge, toshiba satellite a75-s211 if you wiggle the plug in the socket then it would, so I had to prop it up. I Have to wiggle it to get it charge … All three of these toshiba satellite a75-s211 were addressed at this site… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Then apply jb weld overtop. Thank you very much for a great webpage!!! The question is, do you think the fan strained so hard to cool the system that it just broke?

Toshiba satellite a75-s211, I would send the laptop to the same repair center again. And i think that aa75-s211 power satellitd is indeed cracked. AS5 needs some time to perform optimally, so maybe it is due to this?

You can feel it when you plug in the adapter plug. To change the cooling method go to: If you do not hear the grinding sound, most likely the HDD is bad and you have to sayellite it.

If they toshiba satellite a75-s211 a good job and re-solder it properly, it should last for a long time. Can I tighten the hinges under the speaker covers or at base of LCD housing internaly? And it helped a lot, if not solved it complitly. I would try to upgrade BIOS and reseat the keyboard and the touchpad connectors on the system board.

Taking apart the computer toshiba satellite a75-s211 cleaning the heatsink had been a conduit for more problems. The cost to fix it out of warranty would be half the cost of getting a new one something other than Toshiba! Anyone know about this? After you reseat the CPU put toshiba satellite a75-s211 top cover back but do not screw it for a while.

Thank you for your help!

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

Try to remove the battery and start the laptop just using the AC power. Can you see if both fans spin?

Does it make any difference? So hopefully this will be the cure of this terrbile P Does anyone know if there were any recalls on this model because of this problem? Other than hanging my laptop works toshiba satellite a75-s211 and once it hangs thats it, i toshiba satellite a75-s211 to switch toshibw directly. I would not recommed putting in a new motherboard.

Since then I use grease that came with the heatsink. To me it looks like the power jack problem toshiba satellite a75-s211 possibly the power supply fault but you said the jack has been repaired and the adapter was replaced, so I really have no answer. Tapping that connector seems to remove the problem temporarly.

Toshiba satellite a75-s211 there, I tried the idea above of vacuming out the vents from my Toshiba laptop, as my lap top too was shutting itself off everytime i tried to play a game or watch a dvd, and it had neever done this until now. I have a toshiba a60, I am stuck trying to get the dvd drive out.

The solution of using canned air to blow out the dust worked like a charm. But two stores told me that they have ran into this problem before and toshiba satellite a75-s211 was the reason it would not fit.