For best results use a sheet of transparency. Product updates Software and firmware updates and installation instructions for this product are available at www. Figure Remove the left cover 1 of 5 Release one tab at the back of the product. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Paper-pickup tray input tray Carefully flex the tray to release two tabs. List of figures Figure Phillips and pozidrive screwdriver comparison

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Control panel message Description Recommended action Fax is busy The fax line to which you were sending a fax Allow the product to retry sending the fax.

HP LaserJet M1005 MFP

Figure Remove the front cover 3 of 4 Remove the cover. Customer self-repair warranty service HP products are designed with many Hp laserjet m1216nfh mfp printer Self Repair CSR parts to minimize repair time and allow for greater laserrjet in performing defective parts replacement. Page 97 Remove two screws callout 1. Remove the black-plastic engine-controller-PCA stay callout 1.

HP LaserJet Pro Pw Supplies and Parts (All)

Page Remove the separation pad. The sealing tape might still be in the print Verify that the sealing tape has been cartridges. Faxes are being received very slowly. Look for the ESD reminder when removing product parts. We will continue to update the bulletin as more information becomes available and encourage customers to check the bulletin hp laserjet m1216nfh mfp printer. Page Table Control-panel light patterns continued Light status Error code State of the product Action The attention and ready lights are on.

Disconnect the power cord from the product.

Supported WiFi printers

Figure Remove the control-panel assembly 5 of 5 Reinstall the control-panel assembly Remove one hp laserjet m1216nfh mfp printer callout 1and install it in the replacement control-panel assembly. Live Help Twitter Facebook.

Page 95 Remove four screws callout 1the scanner cover callout 2 and the sheet-metal plate callout 3.

Make sure that you are using the telephone cord that came with hp laserjet m1216nfh mfp printer product. Unplug the telephone cord from printfr the product and the wall and replug the cord. Numerical parts list Table Numerical parts list Part number Description Table and page Nameplate, metal low profile 3.

Do not use bond or rough paper. Release one tab at the bottom of the product.

HP LaserJet Pro Mnfh Printer Driver

Redial pending Call the recipient to ensure that the fax machine is on and ready. ENWW Clean the product LaserJet print cartridge limited warranty statement Control panel message Description Recommended action No fax answer. If your printer is not listed in this document, you still might be able to use Cloud Print.

Release two tabs callout 1. Solve image-quality problems You can hp laserjet m1216nfh mfp printer most print-quality problems by following these guidelines.

The upper fax port is the line-in connection from the wall receptacle. Got it, continue to print.

The pins on the assembly are fragile and can easily be broken off. If the alert or warning message is related to hp laserjet m1216nfh mfp printer and the auto-continue feature is on, the product will attempt to resume printing the job after the warning has appeared for 10 seconds without acknowledgement.

However, there’s no guarantee that support for any given printer will be added any time soon. The two gears callout 2 are not captive.

Place the product in the upright position, reconnect the power cord, and then hp laserjet m1216nfh mfp printer on the product.

Problem Cause Solution Text or graphics are skewed on The paper might be loaded incorrectly or the Verify that the paper is loaded correctly and the printed page. Change the extension-telephone setting. Remove the separation pad.