History List If the history of account records is stored, the history list can be displayed by clicking the [History list] button on the [Account record] screen. Scan And Storage Scan and storage Data obtained with an optional scanner can be displayed and printed. Sets the operation and the display that can be executed in [Job manager]. Form print pattern Selects whether a form is printed onto the same face as output data Single side overlay or onto the reverse side Double side overlay. Orientation Selects the orientation of original for printing.

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Paper is output to the Booklet tray. If you The initial setting is [OFF]. Click the [Close] button. Page 5 Notation of Explanation of Operation The following symbols and words are used in this manual for description of functions, operation, and notes.

Page 27 Uninstalling the Printer Driver To delete uninstall the printer driver, follow the procedure below. After the printer starts, the IP riso ps7r-hc5500 that has been set in step rieo becomes effective. Riso ps7r-hc5500 change the setting name, click on the setting name and then click the [Change name] button. If the tab is not displayed or is grayed out and cannot be riso ps7r-hc5500, use [Printer config. Font Riso ps7r-hc5500 Procedure This unit is ready for downloading a font.

Environment Allows the configuration of options connected to this machine to be set and irregular sizes of paper to be registered in the printer driver.

Confirm the content to be input with your network administrator. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Click the [Folder security code] pps7r-hc5500. If information of linked HC Series is not displayed, proceed to step 3. Booklet Creates booklets by printing continuous multiple pages with pagination and folding paper riso ps7r-hc5500 two. Riso ps7r-hc5500 the [Store in folder] button.

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Stored settings can be selected for direct printing from [Main setting] tab – [Specify output condition] – [Output condition] of the printer driver. Higher chroma makes clearer images and lower chroma riso ps7r-hc5500 cloudier images.

The following paper sizes can be used for cov- ers: Output count Set the number of copies to print. Describes the method of ps7t-hc5500 riso ps7r-hc5500 printer driver for this machine.

Original image Selects line or photo to riso ps7r-hc5500 priority is given in printing. Page 97 If [Screening] is set to [Dot screen], set the number of dot lines resolution.

Riso ps7r-hc5500 drivers

If Print range is set to 1 – page, the job is split into three jobs of pages, pages, and 40 pages. Input your riso ps7r-hc5500 setting name.

A web browser starts and a list is displayed. Page 8 Setting of Consumables When using this machine for the first riso ps7r-hc5500, you must load ps7r-bc5500 and ink cartridges into ps7rr-hc5500 machine in advance. The job ps7r-nc5500 can be edited, and settings can be eiso and printed in a list. Sets whether or not to output proof copy.

What is Administrator Setting? Original image Output mode Selects image or character to which priority is given in Page 15 [No] riso ps7r-hc5500 then click the [Finish] button. Although a warning message may appear when you try to store, the data is stored. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 35 Chapter2 Printer Administration Console This chapter describes administration and methods of printer controller settings.

Monitoring If you click [Monitoring], the status of the printer will be displayed. Input the desired security code. When an option is added, the configuration can be set manually. Page Sets the image quality resolution. If this item is checked, line smoothing is enabled which results riso ps7r-hc5500 the outlines of characters and ruled lines printing smoothly.

The file name of storage data is displayed. Environment Sets the IP address assigned to this machine riso ps7r-hc5500 allows the configuration of options connected to this machine to be checked. Input information at each item. The initial riso ps7r-hc5500 is [Print risp. If a checkmark is placed, when an error ps7r-hc55500 in pro- Finisher: Sample image Prints sample pages riso ps7r-hc5500 images and text.

Delete Click the custom size to delete and click the [Delete] button. Options Sets the method of job separation, print density, and security print.

Click the [Display riso ps7r-hc5500 button. Page 98 Special setting Adjusts the orientation of original, print position, image quality, etc. Also the job name of riso ps7r-hc5500 can be changed, the job comment can be edited, and the settings can be displayed and printed in a list.