Although the noise-canceling mic delivered clear sound to our VoIP callers, we were displeased with the sound quality on our end. This multi-purpose headset is great for the office since you can be working, listing to streaming music without distracting fellow employees and then switch instantly to phone mode on an incoming call. The base unit supports “speed dialing” emergency services using your VoIP application softphone simply by pressing the PC mode button and the Phone mode button simultaneously for 5 seconds. You can repeat for any additional 2 headsets for a total of 4 headsets in the call. By Steve – Cheshire on 8 January If you have the optional handset lifter, it can even lift the handset so you can take the call without being at your desk.

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Only certain phones support EHS. While we had very clear incoming audio, gn 9350 outgoing voice was distorted by static.

Here’s an interesting feature – emergency dialing via VoIP. It was then that I realized that the cover on top is actually removable making it gn 9350 to make the connections. Although the noise-canceling mic delivered clear sound to our VoIP callers, we were displeased with the sound quality on our end.

I was able to mute the mic, but then it beeps every 10 seconds which is annoying. By Anonymous on 28 January Even when we cranked the volume up to maximum, it gn 9350 the faintest among the three headsets. Can only go once from PC to phone. Gn 9350 your phone is supported, you’ll even hear a beep in the headset gn 9350 you know of an incoming call.

GN Netcom GN 9350

By David on 20 December Please select your shipping location to start shopping Changing your shipping location may affect your shopping cart.

If you are gn 9350 off, the charging prong hits the plastic on the headset and won’t insert all the way down. It also has bit encryption, so confidential business calls can stay that way. View all 5 reviews Most Helpful Customer Reviews 0 of 0 people found the following review gnn. Gn 9350 Firstname Name Comment. You can wear it headband wearing style, neckband wearing style wraps behind your gn 9350as well as “over the ear” wearing style.

Jabra GNe | Support

It boasts feet of office range, so managers can trade voice quality for great mobility. Designed gn 9350 office use, this headset leaves us wanting more in terms of voice quality and design.

Dual mode wireless connection to both a standard desk telephone and IP softphone. Switch back and forth between your desktop phone and your computer with one touch of a button! Write a Customer Review. The headset is rated to have 43 hours of gn 9350 time and up gn 9350 nine hours of talk-time for telephony and six hours for Tn audio. Read on for more! Personally, I like the Jabra GNe because ng is the first gn 9350 headset that supports wideband telephony.

GN Netcom GN 9350 Headphones User Manual

Integrates with DECT 6. Full DECT integration gn 9350 it can switch between landline and gn 9350 calls done automatically. Designed for long-term use and comfort, the Jabra is lightweight and features 3 different wearing styles to suit individual preferences; it can be worn over the head, over ng ear, or around the neck.

Remote answer capability with the GN handset lifter which is included in this package.

GN DECT headset does PC, VoIP, and regular phone handsets

Despite its high cost, the functions of gn 9350 GN make it a solid entry into the wireless VoIP telephony market and a gn 9350 to consider when upgrading the telephony network of an office. So to sum up your headset purchasing options: You can perform all of these functions gn 9350 using the GNbut you must do so by pressing the appropriate buttons on your telephone when back at your desk. Most Gn 9350 businesses are taking advantage of VoIP applications to reduce costs while remaining connected with overseas offices or clients.

You can’t do this gn 9350. There is also a switch for choosing which type of phone system you have. I basically had to hold the wires from the outside and gingerly aim the RJ11 clips into the female ports – I felt like I was defusing a bomb like the injured “Cappy” in the scene from Executive Decision.

Bit of a pain to dock the headset into the base unit.