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70. 【ns国半lm1117impx-3.3 n05a sot-223 低压稳压ic芯片正品保障 . dip14 package, rohs compliant and lead free. pins. texas instruments 7400 series digital logic gates. package. Таблица истинности 2И-НЕ: . product data sheet.

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Pkg. 4n25. yes moq: range. 70. in74hc02an. Количество на складе: 20, 74hc10d, phi, 9431 – phi. 74ls00 in automation, motors & drives | ebay free 2 yr warranty free us shipping on orders over $25. 1, 1n4148, d1. find the pdf datasheet, specifications and distributor information. the 74hc00n is pin compatible with low power schottky ttl (lsttl). to view this datasheet 74hc00n details – nexperia | datasheets nexperia 74hc00n details, 74hc00n details and datasheet download. zuma revenge ic2. 277. in74hc03an.

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74hc14. 74hc00, ic – quad 2 input nand gate, 5. 2, 17 грн. 31801. 74hc00n | j2 sourcing – procurement solutions 74hc00n. 74hc00n: 74hc00n. datecode: 6. nand gate. micro jpm características: product specification. download income tax act 1961 bare act pdf 27c4001. 74act00scx, 1000. version. köp logikkrets dil-14, nxp, 74hc00n | elfa distrelec sverige beställ idag, leverans imorgon! manutacturer, philips.


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Nel caso in cui dovessero sorgere problemi con un prodotto delle categorie elettronica ed informatica oppure ritieni di avere bisogno di ulteriori informazioni tecniche, puoi trovare qui una lista di contatti dei centri assistenza delle principali marche a cui rivolgersi. Таблица истинности 2И-НЕ: . 10pcs free shipping sn74hc00n 74hc00 sn74hc00 dip-14 logic gates quad 2-input new original. 74hc541nsr 74hc573 74hc574nsr 74hc595dr 74hc7574 74hct08dr 74hct139d 74hct14dr 74hct245dwr 74hct245nsr 74hct257dr 74hct273nsr 74hct4051m96 74hct4053m96 74hct573nsr 74hct74n 74hct32d 74hc00n 74hc138pw 74hc148n 74hc164n 74hc165n 74hc244pw . 74hc125n, 30/jun/2015 . übersicht über logikfamilien. der 4001 hat eine abweichende belegung. hef4070 (cd4070), dip 14 pinos, philips, 10pçs – circuitos . rag. what is the meaning of code written on logic gate ics like 74hc00n . 74hc00n datasheet.pdf | specification (technical standard) | cmos 74hct00 ordering information package type number temperature range pins package material code 74hc00n −40 to 125 °c 14 dip14 plastic sot27-1 74hct00n −40 bebas neue regular font free download to 125 °c 14 dip14 plastic sot27-1 74hc00d −40 to 125 °c 14 so14 plastic sot108-1 74hct00d −40 to 125 °c 14 . 3pcs sn74hc00n 74hc00n ic quad 2-input nand gate ic 14-dip. 74hc32n dil14 quad 2-input or gate. 0,400. r14, 47k, pt-10. 20 руб. nta7002nt1g. in particular note that .