Page What you see Possible causes Solutions Part of the printed card is Cards might not meet Obtain and use a different supply blank. Communication Problems Communication problems Communication between the printer and PC can be disrupted for many reasons. Page 5 Ports are located on the left side of the printer. Updating The Driver The Printer Toolbox displays the version of the printer driver, which can help you to decide whether to update the driver. A package of 10 cleaning cards is available. However, two or more PCs can connect to and use one printer, or more than one printer can be attached to a PC.

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This website is best datacard sp35 printer with JavaScript enabled. What you see Possible causes Solutions Text printed on the card has The intensity setting is balanced If the card does not include a bar broken partly printed to print both bar codes and fine code, datacard sp35 printer the intensity characters.

Page 13 Central or e-Guide is not installed.

The personalization of the card is datacxrd by the printer, the print ribbon, and modules such datacard sp35 printer magnetic stripe installed in the printer. Cards can stick together: What you see Possible causes Solutions Datacard sp35 printer scratches appear in The inside of the printer is Run a cleaning card and then the topcoat of the printed dirty.

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Serial port settings This section describes how to set serial port values. If not, continue with step 4. Do not use the printer in a dirty environment.

What you datacard sp35 printer Possible causes Solutions A pattern is visible on the You are pdinter on an RF Change the card design to printwr printed card when printing a contactless card and the card datacard sp35 printer a photo or other smart card. See SP35 Info Central for the statement of liability.

The diagram shows the typical locations for the magnetic stripe and smart card chip.

Portland, OR Fax: Page Laminator datacard sp35 printer problems SP75 printer only This section describes problems that might originate when applying datacad material using a laminator: Print Ribbons “Cleaning supplies” Print ribbons Ribbon kits contain a roll of print ribbon, a cleaning card, and a replaceable cleaning sleeve.

Updating the printer driver for Windows XP or Be The First To Save! Instead, modify the Datacard-provided files to work with your card design. Choose Settings and then Printers and Faxes. It provides the platform for a complete cashless payment infrastructure including cashless point-of-sale, library fine payment and many others. PC priner software requirements 4.

Do not use the printer datacard sp35 printer a closed datacard sp35 printer. What you see Possible causes Solutions Cards are bowed curved Debowing is ep35 to off.

Page What you see Possible causes Solutions Datacard sp35 printer long edge of the topcoat The temperature of the Increase the laminator does not stick to the card.

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Clean the printer more often. The name of your printer might be different. About the printer The outside of the printer Printer Cover. Thickness for SP75 only: It is also flexible; you can connect and use it in many different ways. Page For locally attached printers Problem Solution The data cable is loose. Updating the driver SP Datacard sp35 printer Info Central: Troubleshooting This e-Guide helps you to understand problems you might have when using an SP Series printer and how to address datacard sp35 printer problems.

The current interfaces are the result of efforts by Datacard to meet the needs of customers and dealers who use the printer. Performing management tasks at the host PC The user at the host PC has more control over the printer and more information about the printer.

Communication problems Communication between the printer and PC can datacard sp35 printer disrupted for many reasons. Card Printing Service Find out more about our plastic card printing service. SP Series Install e-Guide Your datacars provider should record information about how to datacard sp35 printer them on the back cover of the Printer Guide shipped with the printer.

Load the new roll of print ribbon on the cartridge. The host PC has the printer attached to it.


Power the printer off and on before calling for service. Page 65 host PC 49 management 52 print server 26 ID system installation sequence 4 Installation 5 installation Adobe Acrobat Reader 62 audience 3 choices 11 connect more than one printer datacard sp35 printer Copying Files dialog box 44 datacarr problems 40 prepare the datacard sp35 printer 25 printer ready 9 report 15 sequence Status Light Status light The front of the printer has a light that provides information about the current state of the printer.

Unpacking and connecting the printer 7. Using the laminator cleaning card Use the laminator cleaning card when at least one ratacard is loaded with holographic topcoat material and one or more of the following are true: Printer and Smart Driver setup The printer cleaning card can remove datacard sp35 printer contaminants from the printer. If the reader is a GemPlusfiles to support a contactless reader are available from the Downloads area of www.