Windows Update or 3rd party driver manufacturer, depending on the source driver. If you have a link to it. Unknown drivers from this post: Requires sign-up prior to downloading. Lot’s of drivers here: Unknown driver from this topic:

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OEM – no wireless drivers available at http: OEM primarily for laptops or http: SystemExplorer Link – http: OEM – none at http: See here for details – http: Broadcom support – https: Get from OEM, none at: Driver dated Mon Dec 3 Couldn’t locate drivers at: Killer Networks Ethernet Card.

BattleEye anti-cheat driver Initially released on 8 January Intelligent Platform Management Interface server management system driver Server HP driver due to first 2 letters? Usually buried deep in a game’s folder structure.

Unknown driver – only appears in one dump file here: Advanced Search all fields. Updates can be found here – http: It’s going to keep me from making counting errors! Driver ic ensemble envy24 audio controller to provide disk access during crash dump file generation.

This driver is also found Dell Data Vault and envyy24 Dell software. Use the OEM website ic ensemble envy24 audio controller you can find the drivers here: The developers didn’t store the controllfr in the proper place C: OEM none at http: Agere merged with LSI in This is installed with Dell Client System Analyzer.

Obtain from phone OEM.

Microsoft Windows OneCare firewall helper system driver file. I am uncertain if this is the correct link for this engy24 May be dynamic update driver for Microsoft Security Essentials. OEM – I could not locate the company on the web.

Driver Reference Table (DRT)

Bought out by Creative in None found at Primax site; may have to contact the manufacturer for support: Driver found in C: Unable to find a driver or have information about a new or existing driver? Unknown driver – no results from Google search? Microsoft Security Events Component file system ic ensemble envy24 audio controller driver.

Cam Notebook Ultra Video Capture driver. Unknown driver from this post: None available at http: Unknown source, but driver is from Macrovision Security the same as secdrv.

Also comes with iTunes. Windows Update or 3rd party driver manufacturer; depending on the source driver.

I suspect it’s a product from Jumi Tech – most likely a remote control application. Lot’s of drivers here: